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My Stats:
Name: April
Sex: F
Age: 28 (I'll be 29 April 14)
Height: 5'0
Weight: 132
Goal Weight: 110

Excuses for eating badly:
I've been eating good all day/week


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Wednesday, April 16, 2003

I have to admit that I've been avoiding posting anthing here since I've been so horrible this weekend starting on Friday Night. It was my birthday weekend, so I figured, what the hell! I'll just make up for it. I haven't weighed myself after a weekend of indulging. I'm scared to. I haven't really exercied either. I've been a bad bad girl! Friday night, I didn't get home until 9, I changed my clotes and we went to a Chinese Restaurant. I had Sweet and Sour Chicken, Kung Pow Chicken, 1 fried shrimp, 1 fried Cream Cheese Won Ton, 1 fried Egg Roll, Won Ton Soup, Fried rice and 3 glasses of wine. Fried Fried Fried foods = Bad Bad Bad Bad. And I didn't eat until like 10 pm!

Saturday Morning I went for a jog around the block. But it was only a quick jog. At least it was something right? Then we went out for breakfast and I had pancakes, eggs, bacon, a biscuit with gravy, a few pieces of Chicken Fried Steak, home fries and hash browns. YUMMMM. We ate breakfast so late we didn't have lunch. So then we went to the Orange Blossom Festival and shared a funnel cake with boysenberry syrup and whipped cream. That night (another late dinner) we went to the Jazz Kitchen at Downtown Disney and I had the Futuccini Jumbalaya with bread and butter and a gumbo for an appetizer.

Sunday we went to Denny's for breakfast and I had the Grand Slam which comes with 2 pancakes, eggs, bacon and sausage. I gave away the sausage but Jerry ordered a side of hashbrowns for us to share. For lunch we shared a plate of Fish Taco's, rice, beans and chips and salsa from Wahoo's. For dinner we had IN & OUT. I had a cheeseburger, shared the fries and had a few drinks of Coke.

Monday, I did good in the morning. I had the usual Raisin Bran, Cantalope, 2 Hard Boiled Eggs, Banana and 1/2 sandwich. Does house cleaning count as exercise. Because I probabally spent 5 hours cleaning house throughout the day. I worked my ass off. I was sweating underneath my boobs. Monday was my birthday and we were getting ready for my parents and sister to come over. So for dinner we had Pizza and Chocolate Chip Cake with Chocolate Frosting.

Tuesday I did good throughout the day again. Ate the usual but for dinner we had Mac & Cheese with hot dogs. Then I had more Choco chip cake. I have something to say about this cake. Not only was it soooooo good. But, Jerry and the kids made it and put so much love into making it that I couldn't go without eating any of it.

Today I'm back on track. I've had a Bananna, one egg and some cantalope so far. I hope it doesn't rain becasue I'd really love to go rollerblading after work.

Friday, April 11, 2003

I have such a sweet craving right now! Thank God I found these Velamints! They are a choco flavored mint that have NO sugar and are fat free with 5 calories per serving. And 2 mints count as 1 serving. They really help with my sweet tooth.

Thursday, April 10, 2003

I was going to resist the scale until tomorrow, but I found that Fitday.com website and I wanted to enter my current weight. So I went to GNC and weighed myself. Monday I was 133.4 and today I'm 131.8! I'm so excited! That's 1.6 pounds in 4 days! So I patted myself on the back and told myself to keep up the good work!
Just found the most wonderful website in the world! Love it!
I was almost able to overcome my craving for the Avalanche. I cut just a very small piece and devoured it feeling guilty the entire time. Then I cut up the rest of it and gave it to friends. That way it wasn't sitting at my desk for the rest of the day, talking to my weakness telling me to eat the damn thing. I felt much better about sharing it and letting my skinny friends enjoy it. And since I was feeling so guilty about eating that small piece, I only at 1/2 of my Turkey Sandwich then I walked briskly around the mall for the remaining of my lunch. The bad thing about walking where you work is you have to stop to talk to people. So I get constantally interupted during my mall walks. But I figured that was better than sitting on my ass the remaing of my lunch. I think later in the day I snacked on some Watermelon.

After my hour drive home, I threw on my rollerblades and headed for the sports park. I wish I knew how far it was around the park because it really seems big. I thought maybe a mile. My bf thinks 1/2 mile around. I went around 3 or 4 times. I'm not totally sure. But I took the long way to get there. The great thing about it is that 1/2 of it is up hill, so on my rollerblades, it's really a workout on my legs and ass. They are VERY sore today. Last night after I got home they felt like Jello. Ummmm Jello!

I didn't eat dinner until 8:30 (VERY BAD I KNOW) but I can't help it. I didn't get home from rollerblading until after 7. Then I had to put away the laundry. And it was almost 8:30 by the time we ate. I warmed up the rest of the left-over speghetti (there wasn't much left) and had that for dinner.

This morning, I slept until 7:30. So I didn't get to exercise. I had a NutriGrain Bar and a cup of bad bad coffee for breakfast.

Wednesday, April 09, 2003

HELLLLLLPPPPPPP! The owner for Rocky Mountain Chocolate Factory just brought me my most favorite apple in the entire world! THE AVALANCHE!!!! It's a very large granny smith apple covered in caramel, then chocolate, peanut butter, white chocolate chips with a chocolate swirl around the entire thing. It's soooooo flippin good! Sitting here at my desk saying "eat me, eat me". I can't get that damn voice out of my head.
Met my friend Carrie at TGI Fridays for dinner and drinks after work yesterday. We sat at the bar and I ordered a water with lemon! There's a first for everything. I also glanced at the menu and noticed that there wasn't anything symbolizing low fat items. So I aked and they didn't really know of anything off hand either other than a salad. So I ordered a house salad with grilled chicken and low fat peppercorn ranch dressing. It wasn't exactly filling, but it worked. It was nice to eat something lite and at a decent hour other than after 8 pm. We got home around 6:30 then took a walk for about an hour.

Today's Dieting Acheivements

Woke up at 4:30 am again with my boyfriend. Carrie stayed the night and she got up around 5:00 So after J. left for work, she and I went for another hour walk. My butt muscles are sore and I can feel it in my thighs too. So that's a good sign right? We got back around 6 and I had breakfast.


1 cup of Rasin Bran with 1 cup of 1% Milk

d Morning Snack
3 small slices of Cantelope

2 Hard Boiled Eggs

Tuesday, April 08, 2003

I have to pee so freaking bad all day long. I pee, I sit for 15 minutes, I pee again, I sit for 10 minutes, I pee I pee I pee! Damn! I can't stop peeing!
What are the side effects of drinking a ton of water? I've been drinking a lot of water the past couple of days and I think I found the side effect. I don't really want to say what it is because it's kind of gross. But I was just wondering if anybody else knew. Comments
Last night I got home around 5:45 and headed out rollerblading. I rollerbladed down the street, past my apartment (I was at my boy friends house) and to the sports park that is right there. It has a very large oval sidewalk that goes around the entire park. It goes up and downhill. Going uphill really kicks your butt which is good! I went around the park three times then headed back. I stopped to chat with some friends of mine that live in the same neighborhood as my boyfriend. I'm going to start walking with her today after work.

Yesterday's Dinner:

Large Salad with fat free dressing and only 25 calories per serving.

about 1 cup of left over Speghetti.

We ate dinner real late because I didn't get back until about 6:45 from rollerblading and then I did dishes then made a salad. We ate the salad then looked through the newspaper. I warmed up the speghetti about 1/2 way through Fear Factor. So we didn't eat the speghetti until about 8:30. I know that's really bad.

I got up this morning with J. about 4:30. I helped him pack his lunch. I would normally go back to bed, but instead I did some chores around the house then I got on the treadmill. I ran for about 5 minutes at 5.0 then got off and did 50 jumping jacks, 10 push-ups, 15 leg lifts on each side, stomach scrunches, got back on the treadmill for another 5 minutes, did more leg exercises, more scrunches and 50 more jumping jacks then stretched. The workout took about 30 minutes. At lunch I plan on walking around the mall for about 30 minutes then tonight I'm going for a walk with my friend that lives down the street.


1 cup of Rasin Bran with 1 cup of 1% Milk (I refuse to try Skim Milk). That was at 6:45 am

3 small slices of Cantalope at 9:00 am

2 Hard Boiled eggs no yolk at 9:00 am

Morning Snack:

Monday, April 07, 2003

1 Banana
1 Orange
1 cup of Coffee with creamer and sugar ( I know bad bad bad)
2 glasses of water

Turkey Sandwich on Sourdough bread with mayo, mustard and a slice of American Cheese.


Snack: 3:00 I had 1/2 cup of low fat cottage cheese with some pineapple

Walked around the mall for 20 minutes. I would of walked more, but I'm wearing heels.

I have finally decided to track my daily eating and exercise habits. I'm doing this for several reasons:
1) I am disgusted with how I look.
2) It's almost Summer and I refuse to wear a bathing suit.
3) Motivation. I have little motivation. I'm hoping that I will become more accountable for what I eat and how little I exercise by posting a blog for all to see.
4) I want to be HOT again. I have a pretty face and I want the body to go with it.

I think that if I have an audience then that will make me more accountable for my actions and I wont tend to cheat as much.

Goal for the month: Lose 5lbs by 5/02
Goal for this week : Lose 1 1/2 lbs by Saturday.